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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Extreme Makeover

Tonight while watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (and fighting back tears), I thought what an excellent example of American genius.

The episode was about a decorated marine who lost his leg in Iraq. The crew designed and built him and his 4 children an amazing new home, paid off his mortgage, and bought him a new car. Now I'm not a regular viewer of the program, but without fail, every time I see it, it brings tears to my eyes. The show is a perfect example of freedom, capitalism, sacrifice, etc. (as I said, the American genius) at work. Every week, this show changes lives in a way the government never could. With a combined effort from companies and volunteers, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, it gives needy and deserving families a new start in life.

Everyone involved from Ford to Sears to ABC to local contractors and builders gets to do good for someone else and promote their products at the same time. Shows like this are popping up everywhere. Oprah is premiering one in March.

Americans are extremely creative... finding ways to serve one another while generating new jobs, opportunities, and capital all the while. Just a thought: Could we not meet some of our nation's greatest needs in this fashion? Healthcare? Feeding the poor? Education? Caring for veterans? Why are we so quick to turn to the government for answers? We the people through hard work and creativity can "extremely makeover" our world.

(For more on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's volunteer programs go to http://abc.go.com/abettercommunity/index?pn=index).


Anonymous said...

Great show, and great point! Im glad to see you have a blog!


Clayton Bell said...

Check out Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC and their Bless Back Project for an example:http://www.stevenfurtick.com/elevation/bless-back-project/

Kelley said...

Excellent example Clayton.

portorikan said...

great pov.

This show really is a heart string puller. It would be interesting to see some creative ways to meet the needs of the people in our country like these types of show do for the people involved.

By the way, Kelley, are you the one on the left?

Ross Middleton said...

Kelley, its good to see you in blog world. You definitely say things people should hear. Yeah, I like that show to when I watch it. I have cried multiple times. See ya. Are you done with America Alone yet?

Kelley said...

Yes, Sam, that is me on the left... scary, huh?

Kelley said...

Thanks Ross... almost finished with America Alone but not quite. We're thinking of adding a book of the month on here and that one will definitely be top of the list.

Minutus said...

As I often remark to my European wife as we watch EM, "This is the ultimate American show. You would never see people in Europe doing something like this because they're all expecting the state to take care of it."