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Thursday, November 12, 2009


  • Why did Barney Frank (D-Mass Congressman) tell police he would not recognize marijuana because he is “not a great outdoorsman” when his boyfriend was arrested for possession of said drug with Frank present? Why do the people of Massachusetts keep electing this guy? There are so many things wrong with this story.
  • Why are states that have the highest tax rates (like New York, New Jersey, California) also the closest to going bankrupt? Why are we as tax payers continually asked to pay more taxes when our government officials clearly can’t spend within a budget and are down right incompetent in handling our money? Why do some Americans have to pay upwards of 60-70% of their income in various state, local, and federal taxes? It’s just absurd people.
  • Why did former President Clinton refer to health care reform as a “big, complicated, organic thing” when urging Senators to move forward on it? I don’t want a “big, complicated, organic thing” in charge of my health care or that large a portion of the economy.
  • Why did Nancy Pelosi refer to the health care bill as a “Christmas gift” for all Americans? Um, hello, we’re paying for it… that in itself disqualifies it as a “gift”. Not to mention, that it's a $1 trillion present I’d like to “re-gift” to someone else.
  • And why am I, as a proponent of small government and a tea party protestor, referred to as an “extremist” while Nidal Malik Hasan is not?
Why, people, why?