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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Hope always Hopeful?

Hope has become the buzz word of at least one campaign this election cycle. Barack Obama has taken the nation by storm, hypnotizing millions in an almost religious-like fervor. He is intriguing, novel, charismatic and contagious. (Let's face it, the man can definitely deliver a speech).

And he claims to bring HOPE.

But what kind of hope is he offering?

Is it hopeful to propose a universal healthcare system, a system that has done nothing but create long lines, low quality and bankruptcy for future generations in those nations who've gone before us?

Is it hopeful to raise taxes on such things as dividends and capital gains from the current 15% to Obama's proposed 39.6%, a tax that penalizes investors, entrepreneurs and risk takers, the very people who create jobs and wealth for lower and middle class America?

Is it hopeful to promise $4000 dollars to every college student, a fair standard of living to everyone who works (What is "fair"? What about those who don't handle their "fair share" wisely and end up "poor" again?), and a regular hike in minimum wage (which does nothing but discourage employers from hiring in the first place and increases the final cost to the consumer)?

Obama's brand of hope might sound good, but is it? Is it sustainable for future generations? We've already seen that government programs like social security are not. Would he add to this mess for our children?

And these are just a few policies I've actually heard him talk about. Let alone the fact that we don't really know much about him. He doesn't have much of a record, and what he does have is known to be one of the most left-wing, liberal voting records in the senate.

But still, mantras like HOPE, CHANGE and BELIEF have blinded the minds of so many. For instance, I was talking to a college student the other day who is supporting Obama. She was quick to let me know that she doesn't like universal healthcare but was willing to overlook it. We also discussed the issue of abortion and she is pro-life... Obama is pro-choice. "So, what policies DO you like?" I asked. "Oh I don't really know where he stands on a lot of things yet... I'm still looking into it, but when he speaks I just believe him." Enough said.

Hey, hope sells. And why not? People are hungry for hope. We all need something to hope in. We all need something to believe in. But there is only one thing in life in which our hope is guaranteed, and that is God. With all of this political talk of hope and with Obama portrayed as a Messianic figure, it leaves me with this question... Has government become our God? And if so, is that really hopeful?


Clayton Bell said...

Here here...

My biggest problem isn't that he's preaching hope (he's trying to get elected for crying out loud) but that many believers are ascribing the type of faith and hope in Obama and the political process that should only be given to someone that's been crucified and resurrected. And as far as I know, that's a pretty short list...

Ross Middleton said...

Kelley, you just keep bringing meat to the table on your blog. I agree, I couldn't have said it better myself. Its sad that people would vote for someone even though they disagree with what that person believes in. Actually, its not sad but ridiculous and stupid.

Unfortunately, I think the government has become people's God. They might not worship it in their room, but they trust in it for their food, for the mighty government to rescue them from their bad housing purchases, to give a "rebate" check in May to go spend money. Its ridiculous.

I believe they are saying to people, hey go screw up your life, buy a house you can't afford, spend money you don't have and don't worry big brother will be there to bail you out.

I'm so tired of it all, I think I'm gonna go start my own country, anybody want to come?

Brynn said...

This is POWERFUL!!! Way to cut through all the fluff! It reminds me of something I recently read--"a democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury" (Of course our form of government is actually a republic)The majority of voters are now looking for the candidate who will promise the most "hope" from the public treasury. This will serve only to keep them in bondage.
I'm thankful to have a HOPE that is an anchor to the soul---My HOPE is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness!! Keep speaking the TRUTH for where the spirit of the Lord is there is true liberty!!!

jessieandylaineybuike said...

ko for president, 2012...love to you and little buddy...Jessie

John Pinkston said...

Ladies, Keep up the excellent work. I love what you are doing/saying. Always thoughtful and stimulating.

portorikan said...

"Oh I don't really know where he stands on a lot of things yet... I'm still looking into it, but when he speaks I just believe him."

Yeah, wow to that comment there.

I was gonna say something along the lines of what Ross said (Unfortunately, I think the government has become people's God.) but he said what he said pretty good. I think this applies to not only government, but institutions in general, whether it be democracy or free trade or whatever.

We are a country of people who are idol worshippers and have placed our dependance not on GOD, but our beliefs or ideals, political leaders or whatever.

Great post.

MK said...

Kelley, I agree with you wholeheartdly. As you know from our conversation a few days ago. It is baffling to me as well, especially having worked for another democratic hopeful. Rush Limbaugh (who I am not a fan of and rarely agree with) said that Sen. Obama is doing what none Conservative Christian candidate has been able to do: run a faith based campaign. His whole campaign is based on "What may happen, what we hope happens" but not based on a foundation proven service and accomplishements. That scares me because it begs the question: Have we gotten so far that proven leadership doesn't matter?
It shows people are desperate for hope and for change but are going to the wrong person for it.

Whitney Cantrell said...


Hi! Found your blog through Clay. I will be voting for Obama in this election, which is pretty opposite of where I normally stand, so of course I may disagree a little:) Obama's "universal" healthcare policy is not true universal healthcare because it is not mandating that everyone has to have it, only children, which is a good thing. In my opinion and research on the subject, Hillary's policy is definitely a universal, bad quality, long lines, waiting for months to get procedures taken care of type of health care system. Many people think that these are the same policies but they are very different. We would still have quality of care with Obama's policy, but it will be more affordable. This, of course, is to be seen...as with any promises made by political candidates. So back to my initial statement, I have leaned towards the "conservative" side pretty much ever since I have cared anything about politics, which hasn't been all that long. But, for this particular race, the pro's and con's for each candidate have been weighed, in my mind, and the obvious choice for me was Obama. And like the girl you mentioned, I am pro-life. But this is one of the only policies I disagree with and I just found myself with one obvious choice. Have you heard people, especially republicans saying about this race that they decided to choose the "lesser of two evils?" and go with Obama? That is really sad that that's how this race is viewed by a lot of people, but just wondering your thoughts on that. Should we only base our vote on whether or not we declare ourselves to be rebuplican or democrat, or on what weighs out as the best choice in our minds? Maybe all this just means that I am a democrat afterall! haha.

Kelley said...

Whitney... thanks for your thoughts. Kacey and I are actually going to be responding to a lot of your questions/thoughts in a coming post, so check back soon. :)

Jennifer Kasten said...

Kelley, Kacey-- just a thought. If you're arguing that change can only come from God, not from man, it makes little sense to vote for *anyone*, or support any particular policies, or to attempt to change the status quo in any direction. Even if it's something you'd dreadfully like, such as a repeal of Roe v Wade.

Ah, you might say, but we should elect Christian leaders who will do God's work, and give Him the glory.

Well, only God knows the heart of man for starters, and secondly-- there are a lot of people on TV proclaiming their direct connection to the Almighty, and all I hear is prosperity gospel and egomaniacism.

If change comes from above, who's to say Mr Obama can't be the instrument of that change, versus any other politician?

Kelley said...

Point well taken Jennifer... I am not, however, arguing that change can only come from God. Men change things often. I'm merely disagreeing with the kind of "change" Mr. Obama would bring. My comment about God was only to point out the fact that He alone is the true savior... I often hear people attaching that rhetoric and emotion and hope to Obama.