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Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Speech... Palin Pick...

The first black man to win a party nomination... The first woman on a Republican presidential ticket... it's a media feast on all accounts.

Here's my two cents:

It was quite moving to see a black man's presidential nomination acceptance speech on the 45th anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. I'm sure I can't fully grasp the significance of such a moment for an African American, but still it was quite a scene to behold. Though I disagree with Obama's politics, I esteem and applaud what he has achieved.

Two glaring inconsistencies/contradictions stood out to me as I listened to Obama. First and foremost, he kept referencing his "new" and "fresh ideas"... "new times"... and "new politics." However, all I find new about him is his face. The outline of his programs (and all I've seen of his voting record) was a generic democratic platform. Those ideas have been around long before he was born.

Secondly, he had a small sidebar about how the government can't solve all problems and how we need to take personal responsibility. He even challenged fathers to be home and involved with their children. I agree with these sentiments and was glad to hear them. However, most of the domestic programs he's proposing and every increased reach of the government's arm that he stands behind, takes the "personal" right out of responsibility and undercuts the natural duty in each American home. What father, that already tends toward neglect and abdication, would find any more incentive to provide and care for his children if these children can get free healthcare and a "worldclass education" right from the hands of Daddy Obama?

Moving on. So McCain selects Sarah Palin as his running mate. Definitely a surprise! I honestly don't know whether this choice will hurt him or help him, but on a personal level I liked what I saw of her today. She had an attractive personality and story. I don't have much to say about her, just wanted to hear your opinions...

So what did you think about Obama's speech?


What do you think about Sarah Palin?


justin said...

I liked this quote from Harrison Scott Key at World Mag Blog: "I’m not sure Barack Obama delivered last night. Perhaps expectations were just too high, but I think history will show that his best speech of the campaign – whether he wins or loses – will be his Iowa Caucus victory speech, not his DNC speech. The story is too easy to tell: expectations were simply too high. Unless he walked on water and showed that he could actually fly like Superman, he was going to disappoint."

Nathan Talbot said...

Palin was a great pick for Mccain. She is actually a new direction from what we have been seeing out of Washington lately. She has stood up to corrupt politicians. She has lowered taxes and believes in the free market. She has stood for life and followed up her "preaching" with the personal action of knowingly giving birth to a mentally handicapped child. She is a fresh face with true conservative ideals.

Her being a "surprise" lends itself to Mccains "maverick" nature. Her ideology should rejuvenate and solidify the base for McCain. With an energized base and enough pull from the moderates that are not comfortable with Obama McCain will win this election.

Kacey said...

I'm excited about the Palin pick...at least what I know of her so far. She strikes me not as much as a "politician", but as someone who ended up in politics because of the strong convictions she holds. She is definitely a fresh face, and I think it's refreshing and inspiring. I'll be interested to learn more about her as the race continues.

Amy Middleton said...

I watched Obama's speech last night and all I gotta say is, man, he is a likable guy! That is what makes it hard. It's so easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment and not really see what is behind it all. He had some good things to say last night, but honestly I don't see it backed up by his record. I think it is all very idealistic, but not believable based on what I have seen of his past decisions in the political world. Oh, and I can't get over how he gets worked up about McCain being in DC for so long, when he chose a running mate that has been there years longer. wow.

My first thought on Sarah Palin was oh no, they got a token woman to fill the place and grab the women voters... but the more I read about her and hear about her, the more I think she is a good fit for this position, and seems pretty solid so far. I need to hear more, but so far I think she adds just the right amount of drama to the whole show. :)

Jon said...

I'm just trying to figure out how 16yrs as an elected official equals "no experience." She has far more experience serving in an executive role than Obama, Biden, or McCain for that matter.

If I hear one more Obama parrot (or MSNBC or CNN analyst) say that Palin could be "one heartbeat away" from becoming the president, I'm gonna rent "The Five Heartbeats on OnDemand. Since when did the Democratic party become so concerned about John McCain's heart?

Nathan Talbot said...

So true Jon. I have been a little surprised by that tact from the left. Obama's beating heart will be the president if elected and his "experience" is way more questionable than Palin's.

Anonymous said...

I'll just say, the more I read about her, the more I like her. I think it was a strategic pick. She is solidly conservative, which will help unify the party, she will solidify a large portion of the evangelical right for McCain. Let's be honest too, I think some of the Hillary supporters will swing this way because she is a woman and a lot of them don't like Obama.

I like her because she is different. If McCain is smart they will use her inexperience as a plus, she is NOT a Washington insider which McCain, Obama & Biden are. Alot of people are saying she will buckle under pressure against Biden in a debate. Not sure I believe that. She is pretty hard core it seems, it seems like she is smart enough to see through political screens. I like the fact that she goes after corrupt Republicans. I want kick butt, take names people in Washington that don't give a rip about being political, losing their job or how they are perceived.

Honestly, that is one thing I love about Bush, I may not agree with every decision he makes, but he does what he thinks is right, he doesn't care what people think about him, and as a leader I want that characteristic in my leader. I think thats one of the strongest qualities of the McCain/Palin ticket. Obama/Biden are too political, they seem to care too much about what people think about them.

Its definitely a new era in politics regarding gender/race issues which I think is great. It will definitely be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin:
* the first woman vice president (if McCain wins the election)
* a woman that can potentially win the votes of Hillary supporters and also feminists
* a conservative and pro-life
* a reformer
* little experience
* supports abstinence-ed only; her 17 year old daughter is pregnant out of wedlock (the father and husband-to-be is said to be older than 18, a statuary rapist that should be sent behind bars)
* is under investigation for unlawfully using her power
* is said to have ties with AIP (Alaska Independent Party)
.... more to follow