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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just wondering...

Some random thoughts I've had as I follow the news this week:

  • How is it possible for a company to fail when the guy running it walks away with millions of dollars?
  • How is it right for taxpayers to cover bad decisions of politicians and executives?
  • Does anyone feel like the government operates like they can just pull money out of the sky (oh wait, they kind of can)? I don't know about you, but if I don't have money to buy milk at the end of the month, then my kid drinks water. If I can't buy gas, then I get a ride. Could someone in Washington please operate on a budget!?!?
  • How are bureaucrats gonna be effective at handling mortgages and insurance? I haven't seen them handle much well even in their current jurisdictions.
  • Why is president Bush a liberal when it comes to spending?
  • Does this change Obama's game plan? I highly doubt all those programs he's promised are possible now. Raising taxes would put the final death nail in the economic coffin. Plus, who wants the government running healthcare if they failed miserably with mortgages... FannieMae and FreddieMac?
  • Back in 2005, Alan Greenspan warned of the failing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There was a bill proposed to reform the institutions. Republicans voted for it... Democrats blocked it.
  • McCain was one of the people calling for Fannie and Freddie reform in 2005/2006. Why is he not playing this up?
  • Is Joe Biden serious? This gaffe was pretty funny: "FDR president when the stock market crashed and addressed the nation on t.v." News flash: Herbert Hoover was president and people didn't have t.v.'s. I can only imagine the outcry if Palin had made the same mistake.


justin said...

Great questions, the said thing is the people who should be able to answer them can't or won't.

Be assured, there are good people having honest discussion about what is best for the American people, first, then the economic future of the US.

Lord willing, I am looking forward to seeing you all at Jenny and Mike's wedding next week.

portorikan said...

THANK YOU! for the first point. I have an idea... all the people that work underneath him, the ones that do a lot of the heavy lifting for the money he makes, they get fired/laid off in order to make budget cuts. I would love to hear about a rep who said, you know what, we didn't make our projections, we made mistakes and I make 10x more money than each of these people we're about to lay off. I will sacrifice some of my salary to keep them on the team. Wishful thinking, but wouldn't that be cool?

Hmmm, surprised I haven't heard about the Joe Biden gaffe as much as mentions of the Palin interview and cancellation of McCain to go on Letterman show. I'm sure they just haven't got to it yet though.

Thanks for sharing.

Adam Mabry said...

the idea that joe biden could be prez makes me want to remain in the UK. The possibility of Barak Obama being prez ensures my remaining in the UK.

awalton said...

well, hello there wade sisters! so great to be blogging with you! :) i found your link on sweeney's page. these are great questions. i never come up with any real answers but i feel like i'm doing my part by at least thinking about them. hope you girls are doing well! we need to do another soccer reunion in the the spring... for sure!