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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Speech

Another historic event last night... Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC.

Like it?

Love it?

Hate it?

What'd you think?

As far as The Sisters Wade are concerned, we LOVED it!


Outside the Frame said...

What's not to like. She delived a politically relevant and error free speech drawing on her experiences and while successfully contrasting her ticket from Obama's.

She proved a female candidate does not have to be pro-choice, can be strong on defense, energy, reform, and family while letting the media choke on their rush to judgement and general hypocracy.

She gives the republican ticket genuine conservative foundations for the core and brings a breath of fresh air to the party of Lincoln to help secure independent swing voters.

SHe did better than anyone could have hoped and will drive apathetic voters to the polls this November Can Biden do the same? Isn't apathetic his middle name?

Clayton Bell said...

I echo what Glenn Beck said "Please be who you say you are, please be who you say you are, please be who you say you are!!"

And it may be sexist, but she's cute, I can't lie. She's no Kelly Bell, but she ain't ugly.

Oh, and she's smart, and tough, and awesome. Sarah Palin FTW.

Anonymous said...

She's refreshing, someone I can stand behind.


Keeyon said...

I guess I'm different from everyone else. I thought that it could have been much better. I didn't know anything about her before the speech, and all I know now as that she is one tough cookie. In her attempt to counter comments made about her by the Democratic party, I believe she spent too much time attacking Obama and too little about her thoughts about her potential role as VP. I am not a fan of campaign season because often most of it is spent bad-mouthing the other candidate.

One of the commentators made a good statement. He was saying that at these conventions, people will hear what they want to hear. Democrats will dislike most of what Republicans say and vice versa, regardless of what is said. I just wonder what the independents of the world are thinking.

-Keeyon Upkins (Hey Kelley!)

portorikan said...

Well, I liked it as well, as can be verified by my twitter post excitement... an example.


Great speech. Everyone else said something that was well written and thought out, so I'll piggy back a little on Clayton's comment and provide another link for amusement. She's cute and she knows how to hold a gun. She's no Natalie Rae even if she doesn't know how to hold a gun. :)


(ok, so that's probably fake, but tell me it isn't funny.)

portorikan said...

Ok, so my long photo link got cut off, here's shortened version. You have to see the joke.


justin said...

Sisters, I have changed blogs. I loved to hear your all's thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I need a "SistersWade" fix...let's make that happen.