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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I was watching Sesame Street...

with my 2 yr old this morning. Oscar and fellow grouches were running a news station when one of them proceeded to comment: "Maybe I'll start watching the Fox News Network. Now there's a TRASHY news program."

Unbelievable. It starts so young.


justin said...

I have to say I can't help but agree. But let me defend.

We have several TVs in our office: one on the House Floor, a couple on committee hearings, and then a big one for news, either FOX, MSNBC or CNN. To be honest they all run the same story's, and most of them are not news. Here are a few recent examples of non-news (within the past few minutes of this comment): Miss California and all that follows; who was voted off American Idol, Survivor or other reality programming; Hollywood's crankiest celebs.

It is not just FOX that runs this, but all of them. It 24 hour Entertainment Tonight, now tell me that is not trashy?

I think if we really cared about news we would go to sources that really use their time and stories wisely, and don't try to fill air time with tripe.

portorikan said...

Wow... that's special.

Justin makes a good point but regardless, that's probably not appropriate for kids to hear/be taught.

Although, kids probably love Oscar and his friends, so in a way, it could possibly be more of an endorsement of Fox News despite the possible attempt to insult them.

Gretchen Fagan said...

Wow, yet true if you have kept up with Fox News online. The pics they have posted on their homepage are nearly pornographic when covering pageant stories and Chinese Hookers. Not defending any other agenda-driven news network but Fox has a ways to go if they want a good reputation in my eyes.

Yet not something that needs to be on our kids shows that's for sure.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like Sesame Street is trashy now!

hollytenille said...

wow! that's nuts!