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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One Question...

With the onset and expansion of so many new government programs and spending (new cap and trade bill, universal healthcare, etc.), I find myself wanting to ask Obama one question. If I could be in a room with him face to face, here's what I'd want to know:

Are you stupid (completely ignorant of history and even present day examples of socialistic failure)? OR Do you genuinely believe that you can do it better than anyone who's preceded you, that these policies will work because you have a new and better way than the thousands who've tried for utopia before you? OR Are you simply power hungry and deliberately deceiving people so that you can make them dependent on you and enslaved forever?

It has to be one of those options, right? I know he's not stupid. So what do you think motivates Obama and other liberals?


MamaVee said...

Perhaps it's neither stupidity or hubris, but instead a human, fallible attempt to try and make the world better, in the only way he knows how.

I find it interesting that Obama is often vilified for wanting to introduce universal health care as if this is some sort of communist, horrible idea. Living in Canada, I can tell you that universal health care is a true blessing.

I just read the following article from the Denver Post that addresses the common misconceptions about universal health care in Canada:

Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths
says it far better than I can.

Up here in Canada, we're watching the going-ons down in your country with interest, and with a bit of head shaking over this outrage towards Obama and his ideas of health care reform etc - we kind of like him, you see, because he seems sort of. . . . Canadian!

I pay $108 per month for my health care insurance premiums for my entire family. When I go to the doctor, there is no deductible, and no co-pay. Two weeks ago, I had an appendectomy. This was done promptly, and at no additional cost to me. The only thing I needed to purchase were my prescription drugs (which, on a side note, were about half the price of what I would have paid in the US, due to regulations in place here ensuring that drug companies don't gouge consumers for medications that they need) Our health care system costs less to run, and less to use than the current system in the US. Everyone here has health care, and doctors, not HMOs or administrators make the decisions as to what care people receive. Finances are tight for us, and the tests I received in the hospital prior to my appendectomy were inconclusive, they thought it was appendicitis, but were not completely sure. If I was going to have to pay for my medical care, or an HMO had the option of refusing the care, it is likely I would not have received the appendectomy. However, I did, because the doctors deemed it the best course of conservative treatment, they found my appendix severely infected. If an HMO had refused, or I had decided I couldn't afford my treatment, my health would have been severely compromised.

Instead, I received world-class care, without any bureaucracy, stress or red-tape in a very busy hospital and my premiums don't change, even though I've had some extremely costly services performed in the past year. If Obama wants to bring something similar to this into play in the US, I cannot, for the life of me, understand why it's a bad thing.

Kelley said...

MamaVee I appreciate your comments and thank you for sharing your opinion. In fact, I’m glad to see that you have genuine reasons for believing in the system you espouse. I think we’re just coming from two very different worldviews…

I know there are problems with the US health care system. I would just prefer to move toward individuals being responsible for their own coverage and care as opposed to governments (or even insurance companies for that matter). In fact I think a lot of our health care problems stem from government involvement/programs. You know back in the day, the doctor used to treat you and then you’d settle up right then and there, pay him in chickens or apples or cash or what not… a much more just and cost efficient system. That way the health nut who eats all organic food and works out everyday doesn’t end up paying for the guy who gorges himself on Big Macs and doesn’t get off the couch.

For every story like yours (someone who has been blessed by universal healthcare), I know thousands more from people who have been burned by the system. Did you know that death rates due to cancer are 16% higher in Canada than in the United States due to lack of treatment availability and waiting lines? Private health care practices are opening in Canada everyday for people who are tired of the bureaucracy and willing to pay for their own care. Not to mention the many Canadians that come to the US for treatment… I heard from a Canadian the other day who was on a 2 year wait list for a routine hip replacement surgery. The pain got unbearable and he got tired of waiting so he came to a hospital in California and got the surgery done right away, settling up with the hospital then and there.

Anyways, the point of this post was not the healthcare issue itself. (We can deal with that in another post.) I am just always amazed that Americans want to run toward policies that over time have failed or are failing in other countries (take Europe for example… read America Alone by Mark Steyn). It would make me feel better to know that it is for genuine belief in those policies and not just power hunger, “a human, fallible attempt to try and make the world better, in the only way he knows how” (as you put it),
but I’m just not so sure.

Kacey said...

Hey Avital! Thanks so much for reading our blog and sharing your thoughts! You make some really good points. I can totally see where you're coming from. I think it's an extremely complex issue, and I don't know what the answer is. I just wrote a new post giving some of my opinions on the subject. Let me know what you think! It's great talking to you about it--I really appreciate your perspective!

Elizabeth said...

Kelley, I like your question. Maybe you could attend Obama's next town hall meeting!

John Pinkston said...

A truthful answer would be "I have narcissistic personality disorder"