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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama-care: Straight Talk

The healthcare debate rages on in our country, and it's hard to get your hands on any cold hard facts. Obama himself gave a speech September 9th to a joint session of Congress, and though I watched it in its entirety, I still came away with lots of questions and unanswered concerns. Obama made a lot of good promises, and aside from the fact that I disagree with him ideologically, common sense still caused me to question many of his claims. For instance, he maintained that most of this bill would be paid for by cutting waste and fraud from already established government programs.

Two questions: If such waste and fraud can be eliminated, why hasn't it already been done? And I'm sorry, but if government-run programs currently have lots of waste and fraud, how are we to believe that a new healthcare bureaucracy overseeing 1/6th of our economy would have any less waste or fraud? To me, such a bill just opens the door for more government negligence.

Below is a clip of Bill O'Reilly's talking points memo the night after Obama's speech. It's only a couple minutes long and a good look at some actual numbers involved in making Obama-care a reality... a few hard to find facts. What do you think? Can our country sustain such numbers? Is it even constitutional?

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Jenny said...

We can't even sustain the cost of all the current government programs so it seems like a no-brainer that we don't heap billions of debt on top of the current trillions. But I wish there was a clear answer to help all the people who cannot afford health care. In the hospital, I see people everyday who are very happy to live entirely off the government and abuse their bodies with alcohol/drugs/food. But also many people who have recently lost jobs, have had a run of really bad luck, their existing health care won't pay for what they really need, etc. I can't quite stomach saying those people just need to deal with the hand they're dealt, any of us could end up in that situation. It's all so complicated....