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Monday, March 24, 2008

But Mercy

In honor of Easter weekend, this is a meditation on the MERCY of God that made the Easter story possible. My husband and I wrote this song for our Easter service this Sunday.


Verse 1:
Clothed in flesh the Father's hand
Reached down from heaven's throne
To take upon the guilt of man
A weight that was my own

But Mercy saved my soul
The sweetest sound I know
All saints rejoice
By heaven's choice
We have been made whole
Forever Christ will reign
And this my soul proclaim
Sin held me
But Mercy

Verse 2:
Humbly at the cross I bow
My Savior suffered there
A bloody crown upon His brow
Those thorns were mine to bear


Hallelujah (x4)

Verse 3:
Come behold the Risen Lamb
The grave could hold him not
And in my place His Mercy stands
For death was all my lot



Anonymous said...

For those that aren't in Tallahassee and didn't hear this song on Sunday, it's amazing! Really powerful!

Ross Middleton said...

Hey Kelley, just wanted to let you and Jon know that I loved that song. It was great, keep writing.

portorikan said...

Great song. A pleasure to play it.

Amy Middleton said...

i LOVED that song! you guys got some major talent!

Shannon said...

Kacey and Kelley,

It's Shannon Feck. How are you girls? Good I hope. I need to get in touch with you...is there any way you can send me your email addresses? It's really important. You can send them to my email address at poppi3345@hotmail.com.

Take care,