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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Thoughts

Facts and Opinions on the 2009 Presidential Inauguration (I leave it to you to decide which is which):

It was a magnificent view down the Washington Mall... Nearly 2 million people in attendance.

It was cold. At noon in Washington D.C. it was about 28 degrees with a windchill even colder (about 17). I guess it's more important to have a designer coat at these things, as opposed to a suit or dress. The warmest January 20th Inauguration was for President Reagan in 1981... 55 degrees.

Best Dressed (at the Inauguration): Michelle Obama. And rightly so. It's kind of like not wanting to upstage the bride at her wedding. Although Aretha Franklin's hat may have come close. :) I was not, however, a fan of Mrs. Obama's ball gown.

As every journalist and commentator noted, and as I likewise agree, a peaceful transfer of power is an amazing thing.

Thought Rick Warren did a great job. Way to mention Jesus and remind all people and nations that they will be accountable to Him one day. Not sure why he received so much criticism for participating in the invocation. Are we not called to pray for our leaders no matter if we agree with them or not?

Obama voted against Justice Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court... Said he "lacked empathy" (wow... I won't even go there now). Roberts was then the one to administer Obama's inauguration and oath of office.

The only time Obama's full name was used was during his oath of office: Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama was sworn in using the Lincoln Bible... yep, the same Bible Abraham Lincoln used in his inauguration in 1861... pretty cool.

President Obama delivered his speech well... No shocker there. His head speech writer is 27 yr. old Jon Favreau. How does one go about getting that job?

I liked his call to responsibility on the part of all Americans.

Wasn't too sure about lines like "remaining true to our founding documents". We're already so far gone and I highly doubt Obama would take us back. And "remaking America"? Not sure I'm gonna like his way of "remaking" it. It's quite evident that he has a different view of government than I do. I do congratulate him though on inspiring new energy and participation in the political system.

240,000 tickets were available for seating on the Capitol steps.
5,000 port-a-potties were available for public use.
$150 million (estimated) spent on Inaugural festivities... so much in fact that President Bush had to declare Washington D.C. in a state of emergency to get all the public funding needed.
10 Official inaugural balls.

The Military Ball was for me the most touching to see. The Youth Ball got on my nerves. It was like, if you're young and cool, then you must be an Obama supporter. Well, I'm young and cool, and I'm not. :)

Overall a very fascinating day. I know most people are hopeful in what Obama will do. I, personally, am a little scared.

I'll leave you with the words of Rev. Joseph Lowery, who gave the Inaugural benediction, and asked God to help us work for the day when:
Black man no longer told to get back man
Brown can stick around
Yellow will be mellow
Red Man can get ahead man
White will embrace what is right

Ha. Wow. Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Great thoughts.

It was very awesome and interesting to be there in the flesh. Probably most interesting was the people watching.

It really still amazes me the hate (and I do not think that is too strong a word) people have for George W. Bush. Most have never met him, they do not know him personally and have seen him for 8 years through the lens of others. It amazes me. You would think that he was Hitler, in their filtered eyes.

I too am very thankful that our government can change so drastically without physical violence or war.

Having a front seat view to what happens next, excites and also humbles me.

Kelley said...

Thanks for your comment, Justin. I was hoping to get some first-hand reports from you. You'll have to keep us posted as this administration unfolds.

I heard many reports of people mocking and jeering Bush. I agree... the hatred amazes me.

Elizabeth said...

I liked your comments. And I just love it when Democrats talk about responsibility. “Now go and be responsible, and here, I’ll give you someone else’s hard-earned money to pay for your irresponsible decisions.”

The peaceful transition is to Bush's credit alone. He went out of his way to make Obama look good.

I give Reverend Lowry got a C- on his little poem. It was silly and elementary – not to mention incredibly offensive.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Kelley, the poem was definitely interesting. I'll leave it at that:) It was sad to me so many people booed W. when they introduced him. I dont agree with all his policies but good grief, this generation has no concept of leadership and its costs. The next 4 years will be interesting.